(Kitchen) Dreaming Is Free

Our kitchen is a 2m by 3m box located in the tower bay window. Calling it a kitchen is actually a tad ambitious - in reality it's a collection of crooked cabinets and a dodgy old cooker (which we discovered shortly after moving in was powered via an extension cable in the cellar...awesome). We have big plans to create a fabulous kitchen-diner extension with huge velux windows and glass French doors opening onto a wooden deck overlooking the garden. This is a long way off, however (many pennies must be saved first), so until then I've been busy getting my Pinterest on.

We want the kitchen to feel light, airy and eclectic - love the antique mirror, paisley wallpaper and sleek glossy cabinets.

Source: 1st Option via Desire to Inspire

Handpainted (by us, of course) French grey wooden units would look amazing.

Source: At Home in Arkansas

I know wooden worktops are high maintenance, but how awesome are these rustic reclaimed wood beauties?

Source: Design Dress Decor

For some reason I'm very drawn to this glossy blue floor. The flooring in the family/dining areas of our extension will be the original Victorian floorboards, but I like the idea of laying contrast flooring in the kitchen area between the long run of units and the island. Our neighbours have a fab rubber floor which is so practical with kids running around, so that could be a good option to get some colour on the floor.

And of course the dining area will have mismatched chairs, in best Pinterest style. I can't wait to buy a bunch on eBay and do 'em up.

Sources: Sunset via Desire to Inspire and Apartment Therapy

And moving swiftly back to reality:

After seeing a recipe for Nutella-stuffed sea-salt chocolate-chip cookies on Cup of Jo that promised to be the best cookie one could ever hope to taste, I collected up all the ingredients plus an enthusiastic two-year old and gave it a go. Carnage ensued - cooking with a toddler is not the neatest of activities, especially in the world's ugliest and least practical kitchen. I'm so looking forward to one day having a big, beautiful island unit for cooking en famille.

And the cookies? Well, they didn't look quite like this, but considering they contained slightly more crushed egg shell than the recipe strictly called for, and were baked in an ancient gas oven while I simultaneously supervised an energetic toddler playdate, they were freakin' delicious. My advice is to make them immediately, if not sooner.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the kitchen to eat Nutella from the jar with a spoon. I've got two children to take care of so it's very important that I keep up my strength.