Possibly The Most Furniture You've Ever Seen In One Room

Possibly The Most Furniture You've Ever Seen In One Room

We've got to do something with the living room. There reaches a stage when you can no longer excuse the state of a room with the old 'oh we just moved in, isn't the decor hilarious' line because you kind of moved in five months ago and are still living in a state of hideousity (if that isn't a word it certainly should be).

Here's the living room when I came to view the property:



Seriously, have you ever seem more furniture crammed into a 6x4m space? We have *ever so slightly* less - a lovely squashy four-seater sofa, two end tables (one painted Ikea stool and one hand carved stool made by my Granddad - the latter will definitely be staying, the former not so much), a wooden floor-standing lamp (again, hand-carved by my Granddad), a wooden chest serving as a TV stand, beautiful Hannah Nunn allium wall lamps, and of course a glorious white chandelier. We need another sofa, a couple of non-matching chairs, a coffee table, plenty of art, more lighting, and of course new curtains. Most of which we'll make or upcycle. And a paint job. And to get rid of the 'orrible carpet, and sand and stain the floors.

On the one hand, I'm reluctant to waste time and money painting a room that really needs all the wallpaper stripping off and replastering, but we don't have time to tackle that at the moment because we're working on Eva's bedroom, so the wallpaper's going to get painted white as a quick fix. Bye bye, yellow walls and green woodwork. We also can't realistically banish the carpet until we've insulated the ceiling of the cellar room below, so we'll have to live with that burgundy beauty for now.

Here's the living room inspiration - all images from my Pinterest account:   

And here are some details:

Dark wood flooring, neutral soft furnishings, reclaimed wooden furniture, teal, grey, cream and lime accessories and paint. Organic, eclectic, modern, rustic, textured. Lovely.

First on the list (after the paint job) - choosing a new sofa. I'm tackling this the 21st century way ie taking a picture of our existing sofa and PhotoShopping it alongside various other sofas to see which looks best. A clear winner has emerged already - results to follow soon.