Home Love Contest Entry

This blog post is an entry for the Home Love contest at Fashion for Home. To enter, submit a photograph of a room, corner or vignette that you love in your home. Thank you to Kimberly for the tip!

I've chosen this particular image because creating this room for Eva was quite literally a labour of love - I completed the mural wobbling at the top of a stepladder while 38 weeks pregnant with Eva's baby sister, Natalia. In addition to handpainting the mural, I upholstered the chair, sewed cushions, curtains, a pillowcase and beanbags, sanded down the bed (which naturally we found in the cellar), customised an Ikea toddler table and chair set, and made tissue paper pompoms. And of course we re-plastered, painted, and sanded and oiled the floor.

World travel and animal themed hand-painted child's nursery mural by Simply The Nest

All worth it though - we created the room with love, we absolutely love how it turned out, and if Eva's enthusiastic insistence that all toddler visitors come and play upstairs in her bedroom immediately upon entering the house is anything to go by, she loves it too.

In fact Eva isn't the only one who loves the room - while big sister is away, a very small lady likes to sneak in and throw all the toys around...