Variations On Eggs And Lamb

Variations On Eggs And Lamb

Well, that was a lovely bank holiday weekend. Baking, egg-hunting, three-hour lunches, mini eggs in the bath, goat wrestling and floor oiling were all enjoyed by various members of the family.

First of all, we headed to Paupers Wood on Good Friday to hunt for wooden eggs (which were then exchanged for chocolate bunnies). Eva went round it about seven times.

STN-Easter 2013-1.jpg

Easter Sunday breakfast - featuring some pretty new things (Portmeirion jug and cake stand), some homemade things (hot cross buns! I actually baked hot cross buns!), some toddler baking (chocolate rice krispie nests, obviously) and an assortment of stickers. I long for the days of reclaimed wood dining tables and pinnable tablescapes but we're not *quite* there yet!

STN-Easter 2013-3.jpg

An Easter egg hunt in the back garden with a little friend, with the foil-wrapped spoils collected in toddler-decorated baskets - you will notice that one toddler collected ALL THE EGGS *cough* Eva *cough*. I hasten to add that I was busy in the kitchen with a garlic and rosemary leg of lamb at the time, otherwise increased efforts towards parity would have been insisted upon!

STN-Easter 2013-4.jpg

Easter Sunday lunch - roast lamb, buttered new potatoes, Greek salad, aubergine ratatouille and roasted butternut squash with chilli and coriander. The toddlers lasted about five minutes and then disappeared, being discovered sometime later carefully sharing mini eggs from the comfort of our turquoise Victorian clawfoot bath on the top floor!

STN-Easter 2013-6.jpg

An insanely delicious Easter dessert! Thank you :-)

STN-Easter 2013-7.jpg

And from lamb to lamb (that's going to be a tricky conversation in a couple of years) - feeding carrots to the sheep (with some bonus goat wrestling) at Reddish Vale Farm.

STN-Easter 2013-8.jpg

Happy Easter, one and all!